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The Division 2 Warlords of New York Review - NYC is back!

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The first paid expansion for The Division 2 once again lets you be turned down to New York to guard security there. Aaron Keener, bad guy from the first hour, has been spotted, and you have to take him out once and for all. The review tells you whether the Warlords of New York DLC for The Division 2 is worth it.

Back to where it started It has been four years since the original Division came out and plunged us into an arduous battle against an aggressive virus that first gripped New York and later the world. The battle has not yet ended in the second part of the series. With the Warlords of New York DLC, you'll travel once again to the epicenter of all the chaos to silence baddie Aaron Keener once and for all.

It is the first major paid expansion for Ubisoft's tactical shooter after it announced upon release that all DLC would be released for free to all players in the first year of life. Where all that content was still neatly played out in Washington DC, for this final piece, you go back to the breeding nest of all the Division evil: New York. Old acquaintance Aaron Keener, who also appeared in the original, hides in South Manhattan and you as an agent to make him sing a note lower.

Unfortunately for you, he's not alone, as he has gathered a small army of allies to protect him from all the ass-busting that The Division has in store for him. As the title of the expansion already reveals a bit, there are four "warlords" in the game that have spread over the four areas that the game world of the DLC knows. If you want to reach Keener, you will first have to kick his four partners into the ground.

Not surprisingly set up It is a setup that Ubisoft has now made it's own. Go to area A, report the enemy and continue to area B. Once you have made it all, you can go to the final spectacle. In that regard, Warlords of New York also plays on safe. Veterans of the series will not find anything groundbreaking here, although the new 10-hour adventure is definitely worth it. This is mainly due to the four crazy Warlords. They steal the show here because although each of the four short storylines is actually just bred boss battles, each warlord is nicely worked out.

Each boss has his own specialty and is played in a creative way. As a result, the final battles in the DLC are some of the best the series has to offer. For example, there is a baddie that is so armored that a number of miniguns are used to silence him. Or try to find your opponent if there are thirty holograms in the arena that look exactly the same. Where the conquering principle is nothing new, it is nice to see some creativity in further elaboration. It is a pity that the story itself gets snowed under, partly because an old acquaintance like Aaron Keener is heard.

The feral version of Manhattan He now remains no more than a reason to get fired. You don't get much of his intentions in New York or the further overall story. Certainly, a new door will be opened at the end for the series to continue, which acquaintances of the series will look strange. Still, Massive could have done a lot more with Aaron Keener as the prominent bath, and it's a pity to see that that potential isn't being fully utilized. Fortunately, there is South Manhattan to distract you from that fact and offer you a wonderful world to explore. Where in the original you always thundered through the snow during the original outbreak that started around Christmas, in this expansion, it is all warmer and sunnier. But the city has clearly also deteriorated, which is clearly visible in the street scene. Roads are broken open, and buildings are full of vegetation, New York is more of a jungle than a metropolis. It's the ideal place to level up your character a bit because the Warlords of New York DLC has also introduced a new level cap of 40. The majority of those levels are neatly completed by the aforementioned adventure, although it is advisable to get started with all optional missions in the meantime. The final battle requires a level 40 agent, and you won't get there with just the story missions.

New features, old problems Therefore, take a moment to go for a lottery ticket, for example.

Massive has given loot a lot of overhauls, so that, among other things, statistics have changed and you have to look at your gear differently.

You can now take some of the properties off your armor and stick them on another part, which should make optimizing your outfit easier. In addition, the entire system has been made somewhat "simpler," so that players can better familiarize themselves with all percentages and terms. The addition of the Legendary difficulty setting is also accompanied by the Warlords of New York expansion, although that addition is less positive than veterans would like. Whoever takes up this challenge will run into an old pitfall of the series.

Enemies that catch bullets warehouses without dying, while you kill with two shots. In the original, this was a hotly criticized part of the game. The sequel seemed to have solved that problem. Get Free Gift Cards at PrizeField. But now the so-called "bullet sponges" are coming back, and that is a step in the wrong direction. It's the easy way to make a game more difficult, and developer Massive had graced it to get to work more creatively. Something that can also be said about enlargement in a sense. For existing players, it offers a fun new outing with more content they're used to, including some fun winks.


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